Gaudi Gardens, Barcelona, Spain

By Rhys Jones

April 29, 2010

Category: Spain


2 Responses to “Gaudi Gardens, Barcelona, Spain”

  1. Hi Rhys,

    I love this photo so much, it makes me want to visit the Gaudi Gardens. I not surprised it has viewed so many times it looks a truly magical place.

    Maybe a little less romantic, but it reminds me of a fictional place maybe Fraggle Rock or something from Never Ending Story!

    Keep send the photo’s it gives me great inspiration for holidays and gives a welcome break to work!

    Hope to catch up soon,


  2. Hi Helen
    Many thanks for your lovely comment. That photo was taken on New Years Day a few years ago. The weather was amazing. I really recommend Barcelona for a visit. It is a lovely city – lots to do and many places to eat, drink, and people watch. You can see other photos of the Gaudi Gardens at
    Looking forward to meeting up again soon!

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