End of this Blog

By Rhys Jones

July 8, 2017

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Some of you may have noticed that all the photos have disappeared from my blog. This is because I was hosting the photos on Photobucket, and placing links on this blog. Apparently that behaviour contravenes Photobucket terms and conditions of use. The only way to continue is to pay a significant amount of money each month, which I am not prepared to do.

For some time I have been thinking of ending my commercial photography work. This issue has confirmed that it is the time to stop. I will soon be removing my website, my Twitter account, and this blog.

I have made some good on-line friends through this blog, and have met a few in real life. Thank you for your support and encouragement.

I will continue to be an active photographer. I deal with communications and maintain the website for Solihull Photographic Society: www.solihullphotographicsociety.co.uk

I am also the organiser of Droitwich Spa ArtsFest 2017, see www.droitwichartsfest.org

If you ever want to make contact, you can reach me by email:
or rhysbmjones@aol.co.uk
I can also be found on LinkedIn.





6 Responses to “End of this Blog”

  1. best of luck to you in your new endeavors, rhys )

  2. I had the same problem with photobucket (but I was sharing in widgets). But you can go on with WordPress and post your photographs in here. It would be so sad to see you leave from this community. Good Luck. And Thank you for all your sharing, Love, nia

  3. Hi Nia, I know I can post photos directly into WordPress but there is a limitation on space. Also, I’d have to repost all my old photos.
    It’s time to simplify my life!

  4. Yes, you are right. I know this space problem.

  5. Sad to hear you are leaving the blogging world Rhys. Wishing you all the best in your future photography adventures.
    Flo x

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