View of Barclaycard Arena, Birmingham

By Rhys Jones

June 25, 2016

Category: HDR, Midlands



8 Responses to “View of Barclaycard Arena, Birmingham”

  1. The sparkling clean streets refreshed by the rain and ‘seen’ by your exquisite skill make for pure perfection.

  2. Thank you for your kind comments.

  3. I have fond memories, as only a young girl can, and oh what wonderful memories you brought flooding back. Yank you.

  4. The water level is high!

  5. The rain was very heavy!

  6. Beautiful and one of my favourite spots in Birmingham. I stay about 10 minutes from there. Have a look at my blog where I’ve covered some different aspects of Birmingham as well. Cheers

  7. Thank you! I will visit your blog 🙂

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