Typical cottage in Dunster

By Rhys Jones

March 9, 2016

Category: Devon, HDR



11 Responses to “Typical cottage in Dunster”

  1. So beautiful, I love those typical english country houses.

  2. This cottage is just a few yards out of the village.

  3. I wouldn’t mind living there 🙂

  4. Thank you for your kind comment 🙂

  5. Ah, brings back memories of the short time I spent in Ireland.

  6. I hope you enjoyed Ireland. It can be very wet.

  7. I am going to have to give this place a visit, my hubby and I LOVE Devon and Cornwall but haven’t explored much of this part.

  8. Hi Cindy. I will soon be posting some photos taken at Dunster Castle.

  9. Beautiful. It’s old or new one? English country has specific charm, in Poland people don’t appreciate such places…

  10. I think it is quite old 😃

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