Laundry at Uppark House, West Sussex


12 Responses to “Laundry at Uppark House, West Sussex”

  1. Wow! That’s laundromat, Jurassic version huh?

  2. I bet at one time these were considered time savers…

  3. Everybody wants the newest gadgets!

  4. I will take the newest gadgets any day! It already takes hours to do laundry so I can imagine with this! lol

  5. Labour was plentiful and cheap in those days Nena.

  6. Thank heavens for Hotpoints and the like Rhys 🙂
    I remember playing with my Grandmothers old mangle !
    Nice step back in time picture .

  7. Thank you Poppy. I’ve not seen you on here for a while.

  8. Summer visits and trips Rhys ! It looks like you’ve been here and there too 😉

  9. I’ve still got lots of photos from summer trips to process and post.

  10. Great photo, really captures the time

  11. Thank you Charlotte:-)

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