SS Great Britain, Bristol

By Rhys Jones

January 27, 2015

Category: Bristol



7 Responses to “SS Great Britain, Bristol”

  1. At the time of the SS Great Britain’s launch in 1843 she was the largest ship in the world. She was also the first screw-propelled, ocean-going, iron-hulled steam ship – a truly revolutionary vessel and fore-runner of all modern shipping.

    Designed initially for the emerging trans-Atlantic luxury passenger trade, the ship carried 252 first and second class passengers and 130 crew. The SS Great Britain typifies Brunel’s innovative approach to engineering and also marks the beginnings of international passenger travel and world communications.

  2. Sir Jack Hayward was instrumental in salvaging and returning this ship to Great Britain. On completion, the ship was “re-launched” in July 2005, and visitor access to the dry dock was restored. A fitting tribute to Sir Jack’s patriotism and generosity. RIP Sir Jack

  3. Thank you Rob for adding this extra information.

  4. Great photos Rhys, showing the ship in all it’s fine beauty.

  5. We took a visit round here a couple of years ago Rhys . Isn’t is fascinating a wonderful way to see travelling style of the past , I really enjoyed it … lots of fantastic photo opportunities as you’ve shown here .

  6. Thank you Poppy. My blog shows just a sample of the many photos I took during that visit. Some of the “below deck” shots were quite challenging due to the low light levels.

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