View of Chester city centre from the wall. Cheshire

By Rhys Jones

December 24, 2014

Category: Cheshire



8 Responses to “View of Chester city centre from the wall. Cheshire”

  1. This is a real great picture,
    one day I will visit this city,
    merry Christmas

  2. Thank you Bernie! And Merry Chrustmas to you 🙂

  3. Ahhh, a beautiful city. I haven’t been there in 35 years, but would love to go back. For now, lovely to have a visit through your eye and lens! Happy, happy holidays to you and yours, my friend, and may you have endless happy “photo ops” in 2015.

  4. Thank you Kathryn! We stayed at the Chester Grosvenor which is at the left hand edge of this photo. It’s an expensive hotel but worth every penny 🙂

  5. My home City, I sang and danced once at the Chester Grosvenor for a charity event, a beautiful hotel right in the heart of Chester, hope you both had a lovely visit.

  6. Hi Charlotte, We stayed in Chester for two nights with friends, back in October.

  7. Great shot.. Wonder what those beautiful lights will look like in the evening time!

  8. I took these photos in Octobet so I can only imagine that the Christmas lights were even better 🙂

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