Bench in the trees at Anglesey Abbey, Cambridge

By Rhys Jones

December 2, 2014

Category: Cambridge



6 Responses to “Bench in the trees at Anglesey Abbey, Cambridge”

  1. Just looked up where this is Rhys … well now seeing I’ve just this weekend joined the NT it will have to go on my list if I venture Cambridge way !
    Lovely gallery of photos .

  2. This is my second visit to Anglesey Abbey. You can see photos from both visits at (click on each thumbnail to see the full size image).
    Thank you Poppy. I have been a member of the National Trust and English Heritage for quite a few years. To see other places I have visited, please take a look at this page on my website:

  3. Buon Pomeriggio! 🙂

  4. Bon Pomeriggio Simona 🙂
    Do you use email?

  5. Great composition. I feel invited into this cozy scene.

  6. Thank you autisticaplanet for your lovely comment. I really appreciate it 🙂

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