Nave and Sanctuary of Sacred Heart Church in Droitwich Spa


13 Responses to “Nave and Sanctuary of Sacred Heart Church in Droitwich Spa”

  1. This church was built between 1919-21 and is one of the most beautiful in the country. The mosaics were meant not just to beautify but also to instruct people. The left side of the nave represent seven scenes from the life of Mary. Above these are the fathers and Doctors of the Church. On the right side are seven scenes from the life of St Richard. Above these are ancients Patriarchs and Prophets. In the spaces between the curves of the arches are medallions of the apostles.
    St Richard is the patron saint of Droitwich.

  2. What a beautiful church! Sorry that I missed it in my U.K. travels. It reminds me of the cathedral of Monreale in Palermo.

  3. I am thinking about visiting Palermo. I’ve never been. Do you recommend it?

  4. I always wanted to see Sicily because its history is so long and varied. But I kept putting it off because there’s too much to see as an “add on” to an Italy trip. Finally I made a trip there for a full two weeks, and it was an outstanding visit. While standing in line for the Norman Palace, I struck up a conversation with some English people. They said that Monreale alone would have made the entire trip worthwhile. Yes, I heartily recommend Palermo.

  5. Also worthwhile on Sicily are the greek ruins in the south and Mt Etna. If you click this link you can see some of the pictures of Sicily that I posted on my blog.

  6. So so so beautiful!! I hope to walk into that space someday; until then thank you for bringing me along with you!

  7. Hi Nine Cent Girl
    Thank you for your comment. This church is in the town of Droitwich Spa and is a real hidden gem. Most people who live here don’t know that it exists.

  8. Hi mk
    Many thanks for the information about Palermo and the links to your photos of Sicily. I really must book a trip!

  9. I look forward to seeing YOUR photos, Rhys.

  10. *hąρρ¥ ώ€€Ќ€ɲď❤

  11. Thank you Simona. I hope you are also enjoying your weekend!

  12. Good evening, Mr. Jones, and thank you so much for following The Write Edge! I’m thrilled you’ve added it to your reading list and hope you find it a valuable addition to your day. Continued success to you with your beautiful photographs, and have a wonderful week!

  13. Thank you so much for your kind comment.

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