Virgin Street. St Ives, Cornwall

By Rhys Jones

April 20, 2014

Category: HDR, St Ives



14 Responses to “Virgin Street. St Ives, Cornwall”

  1. Thank you Sunflower. I’m glad you like my photos.

  2. Thank you for following my blog, as well.

  3. Looks very inviting, fantastic photo

  4. Thank you taphian for your kind comment.

  5. Nice photograph. Pity about the green bin, though 🙂

  6. Bob, bins and yellow lines should be banned from conservation areas.

  7. we used to own mermaid cottage virgin street st.ives – any chance I could buy a copy
    pat baron

  8. what a lovely atmospheric photo of Virgin Street (not the part of the street with Mermaid Cottage though).

  9. Thank you Heather. Are you a regular visitor to St Ives?

  10. Just thought it was a lovely photo which captured how the street is on quiet days. Thanks for that. (but I agree with you about the wheelie bins etc! they are an eyesore. not sure what alternative there might be, but we could do with looking in to it! )

  11. Hi Pat, I’ve only just seen your comment (left about 12 months ago!). Do you still want to buy a copy of my photo? 🙂

  12. Only just seen your comment – Sorry!

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